How to Become a Vendor with PS Apparel

Are you a Garment Supplier?

If you are a garment supplier, you must have all your stocks available from Australian warehouses and have same-day or next working day order fulfilment.

All apparel products must contain:

  • Product description
  • Images must include: Frontal, Angle, Back, and Close-up Material
  • Available Sizing
  • Sizing chart

We also accept other related products such as face masks, hand sanitiser, PPE equipment etc.

Your product range must include at least 10 items. Please refer to our listed products for examples.



Are you a Label?

We love to support start-up, new, growing or established labels. There are two options available:

  1. OPTION 1:

    You can supply your designed label on consignment. You have complete control as to what you wish to send us in terms of items, sizing, and colours.

    However, please ensure you have a minimum quantity of 10 items per variant. For example: 10x shirt sleeve t-shirts, black logo, small; 10x shirt sleeve t-shirts, black logo, medium; etc.

    This is to ensure that we can have a little bit of inventory buffer and ensure your label is in stock.

  2. OPTION 2:

    You can supply your artwork to us and let us choose the garments to print on.

    You will earn a % commission for each garment sold with your design.

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