New Workwear Collection

workwear collection

2020 Workwear Collection Now Available in Port Stephens

With over 500 items to choose from in our workwear collection for 2020, there is no reason to NOT look good and comfortable in your every day outfit.

From boots to socks to pants to shorts to shirts to t-shirts to polos to hi-vis vests to eyewear, helmets and much more, we hope to have a product that fits your needs and requirements.

Make sure to enquire about adding your brands to your uniforms as well — yes we do all this in-house.

All of our products are wholesale price, our goal is simple — 100% quality sourced items and 100% satisfaction from our clients.

Should you have specific needs, please do get in touch with us.

We look forward in having you as part of the PS Apparel family.

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AS Colour. Garments to be supplied with decoration only! Email us for a quote.